cCloudTv Is an all out champion on Kodi and expanded to other platforms. They have stated in there web page that they will not go anywhere. 

I personally use IOS, they don’t have an app for IOS But there web page shore act like it. Works great on Android too. 

For more info on cCloud platforms vist these links. 



Windows Phone




Bigtime thanks to the developers at cCloud for there great work. 

Super List


Enjoy enjoy while it last, channels from the U.K. Spain, USA and some Latino ch.

You can also find some trending shows and movies, big plus on sports. 

Some channels are in .ts format you will need high speed internet. 

All the content if found on the web. 


Now that some kodi addons are going down it’s always good to have a replacement or something nice to keep up with the shows, movies and tv channels we love so much.  So I have here my 5 all time pick’s. 

  1. Mobdro is a live tv apk from USA, UK and Spain channels but recently incorporating more languages. 
  2. Latino IPTV  Is like Mobdro only factor is that is for Latin speaking folks, I my self enjoy it with family. 
  3. Terrarium Is a movie/tv show apk. If your used to using Exodus, Specto or Zen, this is your app. Great all the way! 
  4. Kodi Puerto Rico IPTV  Is a Spanish apk but has tons of English audio tv. You have to be part of there Facebook group in order to assess the password click here to go to the group
  5. Showbox Is like terrarium in some way but has some big differences, it too has all the movies and tv shows we all enjoy. 

You can also visit in menu Apps section where you will find more tv solutions. <<<<click<<<<<

Most of these apks operate on Amazon stick and Amazon TV. 

All content is obtained from the internet BigTime is only a facilitator.